Eclectic Neighborhoods are Good Neighborhoods

The People’s Republik in Cambridge, a squat one story building, tucked in front of a peaked-roof house, next to a 6 story apartment building.
Map of Cambridgeport: Properties in pink were built before zoning was introduced in 1924. Most of the small housing units were constructed before zoning was introduced.
3 and 7 story apartment buildings along Magazine Street, mixed in with single family housing and a large church. These buildings both exceed current zoning allowances significantly.
Newly constructed buildings under current zoning code look little like the existing properties, due to drastic changes in restrictions: In this case, you get small, flat-roofed, two story buildings separated by a wide driveway.
An example of the type of home that is now in violation of Cambridge’s zoning rules: This classic triple decker built in 1920 violates at least five different properties of zoning code for its district: parking, open space, density, lot size/unit, and setbacks.




Local political evangelist and tech guy.

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Christopher Schmidt

Christopher Schmidt

Local political evangelist and tech guy.

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